Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What Have We Been Up To?

It has been a while since we updated this blog.  Fortunately for us, the reason we have not been writing is not because we are out of ideas, but because we have been implementing new ideas!

One problem that plagued us is how long it took us to analyze our BPT/QTP test results.  HP’s QC does some things well, but it is not exactly nimble. 

·         You have to use Internet Explorer (I die a little inside when I use IE, and there is no way that other developers will use IE),
·         Updating QC results in QC is sooo slow  (in this case, I do not die a little – instead, I want to kill a little.  Why does it take so long to update things in QC and why does it hang my browser while it makes updates?)
·         It takes too long to find the important information in the QTP result viewer
·         Licensing requirements to view results through QC

Anyway, it is clear that we cannot dramatically increase the speed of our daily work by using the QC tools as they come from HP.

We developed our own tool for analyzing BPT/QTP results.  In this view, we can see almost everything we need to understand why a test failed – at one quick glance, maybe even from my iPhone – and we can complete our analysis (without any of the HP “slows”).

There are a couple cool stories/technical solutions related to this tool:

·         Super-fast updating of QC results – even setting tests to rerun
·         Creation of shadow results – pictures and fail messages
·         Super support of analysis of tabular results
·         Prioritization of results
·         Browser plug in for QTP results viewer
·         How good/reliable is this test
·         Easily sharing test results with others on the development team

Expect detailed postings on each of these topics (for real, this time).

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